The 3SR-lab has a long tradition of using and developing experimental devices. Whether they are dedicated to soil and rock mechanics, concrete or industrial materials, these devices have the particularity of covering different scales, from the one of the material sample to the one of the structure. Currently, the experiments carried out to characterise, analyse or load materials and structures are closely linked to the numerical modelling of their behaviour. Some of these experiments are original or even unique in their capacity or functionality (mechanical imaging, GIGA press, etc.).

The tour of these facilities, which is proposed below, allows to visit them according to four main categories: experimental mechanics, which includes the various devices of mechanical loading (uni- or multi-axial, quasi-static or dynamic, etc.), imaging and experimental micromechanics dedicated to the characterisation and analysis of the microstructure of materials, computational mechanics detailing the software developed or used, and finally, a last section dealing with the elaboration processes of the materials and the couplings influencing their behaviour.

Experimental mechanics

Imaging and experimental micromechanics

  • Imagerie 3D par microtomographie aux rayons X
    La cellule tomographie du laboratoire 3SR (créée en 2008) est une plateforme qui tourne à plein rendement pour la caractérisation 3D des matériaux sous sollicitations chemo-thermo-hydro-mécaniques. Cette plateforme...
  • Instrument de mesure couplant tomographie à neutrons et rayons X
    Depuis 2015, le Laboratoire 3SR avec l'appui de l'Université Grenoble Alpes, a développé à l'Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) un instrument unique qui permet d'acquérir simultanément des tomographies neutrons et rayons...
  • Mesures de champs et extensométrie optique

Computational mecanichs

  • Logiciels utilisés ou développés au laboratoire
    Liste des codes utilisés ou développés au laboratoire

Elaboration processes and couplings