Géomécanique team
Géomécanique team
Mechanics of geomaterials and geotechnical structures


The group GéoMécanique focuses its research (experimental and numerical) on geomaterials. These materials are studied/modeled from the microscopic scale up to the scale of the structure or site, including the laboratory scale.

The approaches developed in the group are very often multi-scale in order to take into account the physical (and sometimes bio-chemical) phenomena that occur at the smallest scale.

The group has in its genes an extremely strong and internationally recognized tradition of developing its own experimental, theoretical and numerical tools, many of them original and particularly innovative. We can mention the measurements of kinematic fields by x-ray tomography, the DEM calculation codes (including YADE) and the multi-scale coupling codes FEMxDEM or FEM.


The activities are divided into four research themes:


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