Keywords: structures reinforced by flexible and rigid inclusions, cyclic solicitation, dynamics and impact, rock avalanche, natural and protective structures (dams).
In the current economic and environmental context, companies must face important technical and technological challenges concerning the optimization, monitoring and requalification of civil engineering works. Faced with these constraints and the new environmental requirements related to global warming (increase in frequency and intensity of meteorological and gravity events, and optimization in terms of carbon footprint of techniques and materials used for the realization of geotechnical works), new technical solutions must be proposed. The search for alternative energy resources to petroleum derivatives has led to the development and implementation of new structures (wind turbines and tidal turbines, in particular) which have led us to study the soil/structure interactions under a large number of cycles. In this context, experimental and numerical researches have been carried out at the 3SR laboratory, to understand the behavior of various geotechnical structures and to study various reinforcement techniques (dykes, protective structures against boulders, soil reinforcement by geotextiles or rigid inclusions) in the face of exceptional solicitations (floods, earthquakes, cyclic solicitations, boulder impacts, rock avalanches and landslides).
Mis à jour le 10 March 2022