Journées MECAFIB
Journées MECAFIB

Journées MECAFIB

27 novembre 2019 - 28 novembre 2019
Journées manipulation et caractérisation pour les fibres végétales et synthétiques

The next MECAFIB day will focus on the manipulation and the characterization of plant and synthetic fibers

The study, characterization and manipulation of single fibers is today a major scientific and societal challenge. For example, we can mention the fields of biocomposites, paper, defense, cosmetics and also the food industry. Many stakes deals with the study of single fibers which requires the implementation of new handling and characterization techniques. At the same time, significant recent progress in the fields of micro-nanorobotics and micromechanics has opened up new and original possibilities such as dexterous manipulation, highly precise automated characterization, fine control of influential parameters, the possibility to easily modify influent parameters, changing the load mode, and the possible combination with several already proven techniques (particularly measurement techniques such as X-rays…).

In this context, the objective of the day is to survey state-of-the-art works that are at the interface between the fields of mechanical engineering, micro-nanorobotics and the community studying plant and synthetic fibers. The workshop is organized between two GdRs, namely Robotique and Mecafib. Thus, it aims at identifying and implementing synergies to develop innovative approaches to fiber handling or characterization by robotic approach.



ENSMM - amphithéatre Mesnage
26 rue de l'épitaphe
25000 Besançon, France

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