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Olga Stamati best poster Award

Distinction / Prix

Du 27 mai 2024 au 5 juin 2024

Best poster award

Olga Stamati participated in the international « Fluid Dynamics Workshop » held at the European Synchrotron (ESRF) on the 21-22 March 2024, where she won the Best Poster Award. The poster was entitled « X-ray radiography 4D particle tracking of heavy spheres suspended in a turbulent jet ». It presented a series of high speed X-ray radiography experiments done in the X-ray facility of 3SR, and their corresponding analysis, achieving the challenge of direct imaging of suspension regimes of several heavy spheres in an upward jet.

Summary :

The suspension of a single heavy sphere by an upward jet is a classical fluid mechanics experiment to demonstrate the fluid forces acting on an object. However, the existence and characteristics of suspension regimes of several heavy spheres in an upward jet still remain open questions. Direct imaging of such dynamic phenomema in 3D is challenging. In this work, high speed X-ray radiography along with the radioSphere image analysis technique were leveraged to address this challenge. 3D + time kinematics of the collection of spheres were measured. Drastic changes in behaviour occur through the spheres' interactions leaving a clear signature on the temporal dynamics and on the exploration of the flow volume.


Du 27 mai 2024 au 5 juin 2024
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Participation in the « Fluid Dynamics Workshop » at the ESRF

Publié le 27 mai 2024

Mis à jour le 27 mai 2024