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PhD position : Contaminants transport through (nano) cellulose fibers networks: 3D characterization and mult-scale modelling


Du 1 avril 2021 au 30 avril 2021

Saint-Martin-d'Hères - Domaine universitaire


Du 1 avril 2021 au 30 avril 2021


Saint-Martin-d'Hères - Domaine universitaire

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The end of single plastic packaging is scheduled in France (~2030) and in Europe (~2040). Cellulosic materials such as paper and cardboard are today the only viable bio-sourced alternative, biodegradable and already 70% recycled, which can reach a mass market. Paper is a multiporous material with a large surface area accessible to contaminants. The transport of contaminants via the gas phase or cycles of (ad)sorption/desorption between the different components (shipping boxes, paper, and board), between the fibers and finally between the food particles (powder, grains, flake) is supposed to be the critical factor in food packaging. The roles of the connectivity of voids, micro-, and macro-pores, and the effects of the entanglement of fibers, specific surface area, surface composition, and relative humidity are poorly understood.

The aim of this PhD work is i) to perform an experimental characterization of the organization and morphologies of the fibrous network at microscopic and nanoscopic scales (from hundreds μm down to
20 nanometers) using X-ray Tomography. New materials with MFC based functional barrier will combine 150 to 400 μm thick paper with a 30 μm thick MFC (cellulose microfibres) layer. A stepwise procedure will be applied according to the size of the considered fibers in each layer and at their common interface. and ii) to reconstruct the 3D numerical models of such networks and fibers. These 3D models will be then use to investigate numerically contaminants transport through the (nano) cellulose fibers networks. The results of such multi-scale modelling will be compared to experimental data.

General information:

  • Workplace: Laboratoire 3SR, Grenoble, France. This work will done in collaboration with the CTP (Centre Technique du Papier) in Grenoble.
  • Contract from ANR FoodSafeBioPack
  • Expected date of employment: 1st October 2021
  • Deadline for application: 1st May 2021
  • Growth monthly salary is about 2780€.
  • Desired level of education: Master degree or equivalent
  • Contact: (Christian[dot]geindreau[at]3sr-grenoble[dot]fr), (sabine[dot]rollandduroscoat[at]3sr-grenoble[dot]fr)


This PhD position requires strong skills in material science and numerical modeling. An experience in
image processing and X-ray tomography is a plus.

Interested in this position? please send a CV, a motivation letter and your transcripts to the contact persons

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