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SPAM Workshop

Colloque / Recherche

Du 6 octobre 2024 au 9 octobre 2024

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SPAM workshop

SPAM workshops are organised each year and aim at bringing support to our users while building up the community.

About SPAM

SPAM is an open-source python tool for quantitative data analysis for 2D images and 3D volumes for mechanics applications that has developed around x-ray and neutron tomography.
SPAM provides a registration function as well as local, global and discrete image correlation methods and their associated strain calculation. It also includes utilities varying from computing geometrical quantities such as size, shape and orientation to generating unstructured meshes.

About the workshop

During three days you will have the opportunity to bring your own data and analyse it with the spam core developement team.
This year the workshop will be held in Villar d'Arène in the French Alps. It is a remote destination in the mountains yet not that far from international airports and train stations.

The price for participation is 500€ and includes a full pension for the three days of the workshop.


Du 6 octobre 2024 au 9 octobre 2024


Complément lieu

Villar d'Arène, Hautes-Alpes, France


Emmanuel Roubin

emmanuel.roubin [at]

Villar d'Arène

Villar d'Arène

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