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Services of 3SR-Lab

Head of the Laboratory

The management of the laboratory is composed of a director (Robert Peyroux), three deputy directors (Pierre Bésuelle, Yann Malécot and Yannick Sieffert) and the administrative manager (Shéhérazade Mezenner).
The generic e-mail address of the 3SR management is: (direction[at]3sr-grenoble[dot]fr)

Administrative services

The administrative services are of two kinds: the "general services", which are in charge of the administrative and financial management of the laboratory, communication and permanent training, and the "scientific secretariats", which are in charge of the three research teams and assist them in their daily operations.

General services

  • Administrative and human resources manager: (Shéhérazade Mezenner)
  • Accounting and finance: (Aurélie Linares)
  • Communication, training and scientific documentation: (Mireille Pfister)

Scientific secretariats

  • Team secretariat : (Carole Reverdit) (GeoMechanics), (Sabrina Mégias) (RV), (Mireille Pfister) (CoMHet)

IT Department

The IT department manages almost 400 devices connected to its network. In addition to the system/network aspect, the department provides support for internal developments.

Resources :

About thirty servers (mail, web, files, ...)
Two clusters for a total of 250 CPUs and 1.2TB of RAM
More than 200TB of disk space

IT engineers

  • (Jérôme Branon) (head of the service)
  • (Brahim Chaieb)

The Technical Unit

The technical unit, made up of about ten people, provides support to the laboratory's researchers and doctoral students for the design, manufacture, assembly, instrumentation and management of the laboratory's ITS (Technical and Scientific Installation). It is led by a teacher-researcher who allocates and organises the daily monitoring and execution of the various tasks.

The prevention officer, a member of the technical unit, ensures that health and safety rules are respected, in relation to the various supervisory bodies; he also has specific missions in relation to the recent restructuring of the laboratory (updating of the premises, removals, etc.)

Technical staff

  • (Jean-Baptiste Chabert)
  • (Pascal Charrier)
  • (Alexandre Perez)
  • (Jean-Benoît Toni) (Prevention Officer)


  • (Nicolas Lenoir)


The tomography platform of the 3SR laboratory (created in 2008) is a fully operational platform for the 3D characterisation of materials under chemo-thermo-hydro-mechanical stresses. This platform consists of two X-ray tomography machines as well as a set of devices for in situ solicitations of samples and an open source python library for image analysis (SPAM).

Management and animation of the platform

  • (Sabine Rolland du Roscoat) (scientific manager)
  • (Nicolas Lenoir) (technical manager)
  • (Pierre Bésuelle)
  • (Pascal Charrier)
  • Olga Stamati
  • (Alessandro Tengattini)

3SR Social Club

The 3SR Social Club association is intended to promote any convivial event in connection with the 3SR laboratory. For any information about the association, please consult the wiki.

Submitted on February 1, 2024

Updated on February 1, 2024