• BeFC at CES 2021

    BeFC (Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells) is participating in the first virtual Consumer Electronics Show and is presenting its glucose biopile that produces electricity from bio-based enzymes and paper. This environmentally friendly energy solution is now capable of powering a microchip with a humidity and temperature sensor, as well as a GPS, Bluetooth and LoRaWAN transmission system.

  • Galilée building

    Since December 2015, the 3SR laboratory has been located in the new Galilée building, where it occupies 1400m2 of offices, and in the renovated Eiffel building, where its experiments occupy 2500m2.

  • RV team

    The aim of the RV team is to characterise, model and simulate the behaviour of materials and the vulnerability of structures subjected to seismic, anthropogenic or environmental hazards (degradation by the surrounding environment) or to extreme loads (shock, impact, explosion, etc.).

  • CoMHet team

    The CoMHet team develops research work centred on multi-scale mechanics and multiphysical couplings of heterogeneous media. The common objective of this work is to characterise, understand and model the microstructures, physics and mechanics of divided (fibrous, powdery) and porous media.

  • Géomécanique team

    The Geomechanics team focuses its research work (experimental and numerical) on geomaterials. These materials are studied/modelled from the microscopic scale to the scale of the structure or site, via the laboratory scale. Interactions with inclusions or structures are also covered. The study of the behaviour of geomaterials ranges from the microscopic scale (grain scale) to that of the sample or the laboratory model, or even the civil engineering structure for certain applications.