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Croissants Meetings

Informal scientific meetings


The idea behind these meetings is to give opportunities to PhD students and postdocs to talk about their work in order to develop their critical thinking and general knowledge.

A key aspect is to keep them informal (no need for proper presentations) in order to reduce the time needed to prepare them and favor dynamic conversations. It can takes several forms like:

  • Commenting a raw result you're struggling to analyse (image, mesh, curve, ...). This can be done in the visualisation software for more interaction and less preparation.
  • Commenting an article you're reading, trying to focus on the main takeaways or the parts you're struggling with.
  • Discussing about working methods that can be either technical (connecting to remote servers, visualising huge data, ...) or not (writing your first article/abstract, managing your time, ...).
  • Making a group presentation on a common topic (same material, same scale, same behavior, same methods...).
  • Rehearsing a presentation (conference, poster, ...).

Or anything else you have in mind...

Permanent researchers can participate to these meetings or not depending on the
speaker's will. We think that it is good to have a little bit of both.

These meetings will be held after the croissants break (Fridays at 10:30am), when there are no seminars.


  • Romain Bordage
  • Hilario Greggi
  • Emmanuel Roubin

Submitted on July 2, 2024

Updated on July 2, 2024