RV team 2022
RV team 2022
Risques, Vulnérabilité des structures et comportement mécanique des matériaux


The objective of the RV team is to characterize, model and simulate the behavior of materials and the vulnerability of structures subjected to hazards of seismic, anthropogenic or environmental origin (e.g. aging or degradation induced by the surrounding environment) or to extreme loads (e.g. shock, impact, explosion...). The team's scientific approach aims to understand and model the phenomena involved at different scales, from the material microstructure to the structural, macroscopic scale as well as over a wide temporal range (1e-7s - 1e7s). The experimental and numerical developments cover different kind of materials (concrete, wood, bio-sourced materials, composites, ceramics) and structures.


The activities of the RV team are identified into the following items:

These topics are developed adopting state-of-the-art complementary methods in experimentation and numerical modeling.
  • In experimentation, the team develops mechanical characterization tests on a wide range of loading speeds coupled with ultra-fast imaging instruments and kinematic field measurements (DIC, grid, interferometry) (ExperDYN platform), mechanical tests on structures (slab DESSIS tests), mechanical tests under deviatoric stresses (GIGA / BCR3D) and high temperature tests.
  • In numerical modeling, the teams develops multi-physical approaches, discrete (DEM) and continuous (FEM) methods at mesoscopic and structural scales including the propagation of uncertainties at different scales.

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