Scientist having dinner
Scientist having dinner

Workshop Montpellier – 3SR

on the 25 November 2021
On November 25 and 26, 3SR hosted a group of about 12 people including faculty and PhD students from Montpellier including Carlos Santamarina (KAUST, Saudi Arabia) who is currently on sabbatical leave in Montpellier.
The first day Farhang Radjai gave a talk on “Time and length scales in rheology of granular flows”. We then had a very nice dinner downtown.
On the following day, a one-day workshop took place with three speakers from Montpellier and three speakers from Grenoble.Quite a lot of time was dedicated to discussion, which was rich and fruitful. Most of us returned home with the feeling that we had just gone through an exceptional academic exercise. We hope that similar events can be organized again in the future.

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