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Offre de thèse - Thesis offer

Multiscale Modeling of Thermally Induced Damage in Cement- Based Materials


Cement-based materials and concrete in particular are the most widely used building
materials and their global daily consumption is second only to water. Despite extensive
research on mechanical properties and durability, the vulnerability to explosive spalling
under high temperatures is a critical yet often underestimated aspect. This Ph.D. position
aims to address this gap by delving into the small-scale mechanisms governing
thermally induced damage in cement-based materials (CBM) using advanced molecular
modeling and simulations.

Project Overview
The project will focus on investigating the complex phenomenon of spalling, which involves
the detachment of concrete layers exposed to elevated temperatures. This poses a
significant risk to structural integrity, as it reduces the working cross-section of the material
and exposes reinforcements, potentially leading to structural failure. The research
will specifically target the interplay between thermal load, evolving moisture content,
and changing permeability at the fundamental level — a dimension often overlooked in
traditional structural design.


Submitted on February 28, 2024

Updated on April 9, 2024