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Multi-physical couplings in porous media

Éponge violette

Keywords: biofilms, biocalcification, phase transition, impregnation, hygroexpansion and drying, ultrasound welding, fluid-structure interaction

The microstructure of porous materials is affected in response to external mechanical, physico-chemical or biological stimuli. These micro changes may have significant effects on the overall structure and its macroscopic properties. In this context, the main goals of this theme are:

  • Under controlled conditions, characterize the microstructural evolution of porous media induced by these complex processes
  • Understand and model the different processes at play at the pore scale
  • Model and quantify the influence of these microstructural evolutions on the macroscopic physical and mechanical properties

The fields of application range from weather related domains (metamorphosis of the snow), processes of depollution (biofiltration), civil engineering (reinforcement of the grounds) to the development of fibrous structured and bio-based materials for the transport of people and goods (foams, paper, paperboard, composites).


  • J. Hammond (2018-2019) - Biopiles à glucose en série pour alimenter des dispositifs jetables - col. DCM / 3SR
  • Q. Charlier (2018-2020) - Soudage par ultrasons de papiers et cartons - col. 3SR / CTP / LGP2 / SONIMAT

Phd students


  • T. Ivankovic (2014-2015) - Experimental investigation of biomass distribution in porous media using X-Ray Tomography
  • J. Viguié (2015) - Soudage par compression ultrasonore de matériaux fibreux lignocellulosiques

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Collaboration avec Tomislav Ivanković (Univ. Zagreb, Dept Biology, Croatie)

Involved researchers

  • L. Bailly
  • J.-F. Bloch
  • M. Bouzid
  • C. Geindreau
  • B. Harthong 
  • D. Imbault 
  • A. Naillon
  • L. Orgéas 
  • R. Peyroux
  • S. Rolland du Roscoat

Submitted on February 1, 2024

Updated on February 1, 2024