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Behavior of civil engineering structures

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Big Civil Engineering Stuff

Keywords: Post-beam structures, Half-timbered structures, Progressive collapse, Seismic loading, Pseudodynamic tests, Vernacular culture, Bio-sourced materials, Multi-fiber elements, Kinematic field measurements

The experimental approaches developed to test structures or elements of civil engineering structures are based on the DESSIS platform making possible to test large-scaled specimens.

The team is mainly interested in the study of the behavior of structures (RC or bio-sourced materials) under earthquakes loadings and in the study of the collapsing of post-beam type structures in the case of a sudden loss of a bearing element such as post. The associated numerical models are based in particular on simplified methods (macroelement model, multifiber beams,...) including major non-linearities (damage, plasticity, speed effects, etc.) aimed at the development of tools usable by engineers.

Submitted on February 1, 2024

Updated on February 1, 2024