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Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical behavior of cementitious materials

Keywords: Concrete, Durability of structures, High temperatures, Creep, Aging, Multiscale modeling, Mesoscopic approach, Probabilistic method, Sealing, Permeability, Cracking, μ-Tomography

The behavior of concrete structures and massive structures in particular (dams, confinement
enclosures, tunnels), is a key issue from a scientific, societal and economical viewpoint. Short and long terms phenomena such as creep or shrinkage have to properly taken into account. Furthermore, such structures are subjected to a risk of thermo-mechanical loading that has to be taken into account in durability and safety analysis (cracking, leakage, etc.) throughout their service life.

Simulation VeRCoRs Simulations at the meso-scale Tests at high temperature

Submitted on February 1, 2024

Updated on February 1, 2024