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Professeur des universités (Université Grenoble Alpes)

Équipe RV, Permanents, Responsable

Contact details

Building : Galilée (EDD)

Office : 133

  • L3 GC Eurocodes
  • L3 GC Projets
  • M2 GCER Numerical methods for non-linear mechanics
  • M. Moreira, H. Peng, S. D.P., V. Pandolfelli, Can a laboratory experiment express the size effect on the drying of refractory castables ?, Ceramics International, 2023
  • Rilem TC256 members, Recommendation of RILEM TC 256-SPF on fire spalling assessment during standardised fire resistance tests - Complementary guidance and requirements, Materials and Structures, 57/1, 2024,
  • Rilem TC256 members, Recommendation of RILEM TC 256-SPF on the method of testing concrete spalling due to fire : material screening test, Materials and Structures 56(164) 2024,
  • H. Sleiman, M. Moreira, A. Tengattini, S. D.P., From tomographic imaging to Numerical Simulations : An Open-Source Workflow for Morphology-Conserving Mesoscale FE Meshes, RILEM Tech.Letters, vol.08, 2023
  • R. Felicetti, R. Yarmohammadian, S. D.P., A. Tengattini, Fast Vapour MigrationNext to a Depressurizing Interface :A Possible Driving Mechanism of Explosive Spalling Revealed by Neutron Imaging, CCR, Accepted, 2024


Informations complémentaires

Responsabilité pédagogiques et administratives
  • Responsable de la Mention Master Génie Civil à l'UGA
  • Responsable de la Mention Licence Génie Civil à l'UGA
  • Répartiteur des enseignements GC
  • Responsable des stages L3 et M2 Génie Civil
  • Co-responsable du parcours international M2 GCER


Submitted on February 11, 2024

Updated on April 5, 2024