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Mechanics of divided media : deformable fibers and powders


Keywords: mechanics of quasi-ordered fibrous structures (fabrics, knits, braids, rovings) or disordered (mats, papers, living tissues...), rheology of gels and fiber suspensions, powders, grains, interfaces, contacts.

The materials that we study are composed of soft, milli- or micro-metric, ordered or disordered assemblies of fibers, biopolymers or grains, with or without cohesion, with or without an encapsulated fluid/soft matrix. These media are characterized by the deformation of their elementary constituents and strong relative displacements between them under external stimuli. Their macroscopic response are closely linked to the geometry and mechanical behavior at the particle/fiber scale, at their contacts but also at the scale of the surrounding matrix. We seek to characterize these evolving microstructures and their microscopic deformation mechanisms in order to better understand and model the highly non-linear, irreversible and anisotropic mechanical behavior of the medium.

We are particularly interested in the following materials and structures:

  • Quasi-ordered fibrous structures: textiles et autres renforts fibreux techniques pour matériaux composites structuraux (e.g. structures tissées de type interlock 3D, sergés ou toiles enduites) ou pour biomatériaux (e.g. coils pour anévrismes cérébraux, endoprothèses vasculaires ou scaffolds pour ligaments)
  • Disordered fibrous structures: biosourced fibrous materials (paper, cardboard, nanopaper), self-entangled fibrous media (monofilament, crumpled paper)
  • Gels and fiber suspensions: Sheet Molding Compoundssuspensions de fibres flexibles en régime turbulent, gels et mousses de nanofibrilles de cellulose
  • Biological tissues: arteries, vocal cords, cytoskeleton and extra-cellular matrix
  • Powders: ductile metal powders, biosourced polymer powders

The fields of application range from transportation (aeronautics, automotive, naval, packaging), to health (vascular and vocal fold biomechanics, biomaterials ) or environmentally related technologies (renewable energies, civil engineering, meteorology, water treatment).


  • T. Vié (2018) - Développement expérimental pour la caractérisation des poudres sur presses hydrauliques.


  • D. Kunhappan (2019) - Simulation numérique de l'écoulement de suspensions de fibres - col. 3SR / LEGI / LaMCoS

Phd students


  • G. Molnar (2017) - From the Nanostructure and the mechanics of NanoFibrils of Cellulose to the Gel-like Rheology of Concentrated NFC Suspensions. col. 3SR /CERMAV / ILM / LaMCoS

  • E. Walger (2017-2018) - Développement de bioraffineries à partir de fibres de recyclées : production d’amidon et de glucose recyclés - col. LGP2 / 3SR

  • A. Regazzi  (2015) - Compression de Poudres Polymères : Application aux Composites Biosourcés


Involved researchers

  • A. Blaise
  • L. Bailly
  • J.-F. Bloch
  • M. Bouzid
  • C. Geindreau
  • F. Dufour
  • B. Harthong 
  • D. Imbault 
  • A. Naillon
  • L. Orgéas 
  • R. Peyroux 
  • S. Rolland du Roscoat 
  • A. Tourabi

Submitted on February 1, 2024

Updated on February 1, 2024